Lincoln Borough Volunteer Fire and Rescue Co #1, Allegheny County Pennsylvania

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During the weekend of May 15th and 16th 2010, members from Lincoln VFRC attended a class at the Pittsburgh International Airport ARFF Training Center.  Other companies attending included Crescent Twp, Ohio Twp, Jefferson 885, Imperial, and Wilkins Twp #3.  The course was taught by Deputy Chief Brian Colella and assistant instructors Tom Bonura and Brian Nolan from Station 100.

Class members learned about hose relays, drafting, and tanker shuttles.  The training included both classroom and practical sessions.  Over 3000 feet of 5″ hose was laid on Saturday putting into practice the use of multiple engines for a long relay.

On Sunday, Imperial’s engine drafted from a dry hydrant connected to a pond, and fed Lincoln’s, Ohio Twp’s, Crescent’s, and Jefferson 885’s tankers which dumped their water into dump tanks.  Tanker 100 drafted from the dump tank and used deluge guns to simulate a fire incident.  During the iterations, the minimum flow was 600 gpm and at times the gpm reached 1500 gpm.  The shuttle practical proved that with a proper setup you are able to move big water.

Here are some pictures from the weekend

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