About Us:

We are a small, all volunteer company protecting approximately 1100 people in a semi-rural area of southwestern Pennsylvania. Our fleet consists of a Pumper, 2 Tankers, and a combination attack/rescue/brush/squad truck. At the beginning of 2019 we also started a K-9 search team.

Our protection district includes the highest point in Allegheny county, a large portion of Dead Man’s Hollow preserve land including the Catfish Pond, portions of the Monongahela and Youghigheny rivers, and many acres of woodlands. Our district also contains many single-dwelling homes, a gas station/convenience store, a state department of transportation maintenance shed, a restaurant, an upholstery store, an electrical supply store, a few mechanic/autobody shops, a couple industrial businesses, and a few multi-family dwellings.

We are a very blue-collared company that take on many projects ourselves, including building our social hall, and most recently adding another bay to our truck garage.

We welcome any area resident to get involved and become a part of our company.


4312 Liberty Way
Elizabeth, PA  15037

Phone: Non-Emergency – 412-751-6080      Emergency – 911